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Advocating For Businesses And Immigrants Working Together In The U.S.

Business-based immigration allows certain individuals from different countries to come to the United States to work in their field. These positions are typically difficult-to-fill, requiring in-demand education and skills.

At Sessoms Law Group, LLC, we dedicate ourselves to serving migrants and U.S. employers in providing economic contributions to our nation. Whether you are a foreign national with an expiring visa or migrating to the U.S. for a new position, our dedicated Atlanta firm can assist you with every employment immigration matter.

Immigration Status Can Be Granted For In-Demand Work Skills And Capital Investments

If Your Work Skills Are In Demand
To apply for immigration status for permanent employment:

  • You must be eligible under one of five employment-based immigration categories.
  • The employer must submit a labor certification request.
  • The employer must file an immigrant visa petition for approval by government.

If You Are Making A Qualifying Capital Investment
You may be eligible for immigrant status if your investment:

  • Meets a certain dollar amount
  • Benefits the U.S. economy
  • Creates or saves a set amount of jobs

Some of the forms and processes we use to help navigate the process for visas include:

  • F & J visas
  • TN visas
  • B1/B2 visas
  • H-1B visas
  • O and P visas
  • All E visas, including EB-5
  • L visas
  • Labor certifications
  • P visas
  • All other nonimmigrant visas

Applying For Sponsorship

If you have highly sought after work skills, you and your employer will need to apply for a work visa with sponsorship from the employer. This can be a complex process. Seek legal assistance from our approachable, determined attorney who can guide you throughout the entire application process.

Sponsoring Or Considering Work In The U.S.? Talk To Us Today.

Sessoms Law Group, LLC can skillfully guide you through any type of business or employment immigration matter you may be facing. We provide experienced, high-quality legal help and work efficiently to resolve your legal concerns in a cost-effective manner.

If you have business immigration questions of any kind, talk to our immigration lawyer in a initial consultation. Request an appointment by calling 404-315-7222 or sending us an email today. From our office in Atlanta, we help individuals and businesses throughout the world.